Cool Blob Future

A rudimentary sketch of the game's first (and only?) level.



In the Cool Blob Future (as imagined in the 1990s), humans are solely used to feed Cool Boss Blobs. Cool Boss Blobs being large and immobile, need a little help. Luckily, an army of  DARPA designed robots and an up-and-coming Cool Blobs are happy to assist in constantly feeding the great blob overlords.


Since this is a jam, I will try to keep the scope small. The primary focus will be on a single arcade-style level (aka "board"). You control the small cool blob who must go from platform to platform by squeezing into open holes. Being in a hole also provides a "bridge" for a robot to push its human across or to return home. The only jumping will be into holes to avoid and assist robots. You can also only move down a level by squeezing into a hole. 

Points will be accrued for each human dropped onto the Cool Boss Blob  who will absorb them and grow until the level is complete. Humans and robots that fall into holes will enrage the Cool Boss Blob, which will eventually end the level. If time is limited, then the next level will just have a higher difficulty. If there is enough time, we will add another level layout or mechanic... or perhaps use the Super Briefly diversifier if it makes the cut.

All of this could be tweaked when the final diversifiers are released!


I have been using Unity on my own and on a few small collaboration projects over the past few years. I should be able to get a solid game completed in the two week jam time frame. I can probably work several hours on the project most days of the week. The rest of the website you are currently on is a bit out of date and definitely doesn't show everything I've worked on, but feel free to look at it... I guess.


Want to help out? I hope so. I think I have determined what I will need most. If you're interested, just send me a message on the thumbs forum (username: Travis) or via slack. Just let me know how you would like to help. If you can only do one tiny thing, I will be happy to have it most likely, so don't be shy. This is a fun jam and a great way to make something kind of goofy!


  • Artist
    • This is a 2D game, so we need 2D art.
    • Style is up to you. You can look at my prototype picture for what I was thinking, but I am open to other ideas.
    • I would prefer pixel art so that if we get in a pinch I can at least make something sort of OK to fill in gaps, but again, I will work with you!
    • Specifics:
      • All characters and their animations
        • Big Blob
        • Small Blob
        • Wriggling humans
        • Big Dog 
        • Other robots if time
      • Level geometry
        • Floors/girders
        • Backgrounds
      • UI
        • Any icons or arrows or anything. This can probably just be handled with "programmer art" and be adequate.
  • Music
    • Some sort of cool 1990s or similar era music would be great. It doesn't need to be of a specific genre, but something humorous would be ideal.
    • Here is a soundtrack I find inspirational, but it definitely doesn't need to sound like this.  In fact, we can't really have lyrics or "rapping" in the level music to interfere with the vital emoting that will be going on! 
    • Specifics
      • Main menu screen tune (1 track)
      • Level music (1 track)
      • Anything else would be great: pause music, multiple level tracks, whatever you think!
  • Voice over & sounds
    • This part will be critical!
    • Big Blob needs a "cool" voice, just like a 90s bad-itude blob would have! You know what I'm talkin' about! Whoa-ho-ho! Yeah, you do!! 
    • We'll also need sounds, which I can try to find on free sound sites, but if you can do better, that would be sick!
    • Specifics
      • Big Blob emotes:
        • Cooool!
        • Awesome!
        • Aw-ha-ha-ha-right!
        • Yeahhhhhhhhh!
        • That's what I'm talkin' about!
        • That's the stuff!
        • Come to papa!
        • Quit harshin' me, man!
        • Aw, dawg!
        • Not cool!
        • Bummerrrrrrr!
        • Whatever else you can riff on that will be good and exciting or excitedly disappointed!
      • Human emotes
        • Screaming while falling
        • Quick death sound (when falling in hole)
      • Sounds
        • Blob absorbing human sound
        • Blob squishing into hole sound
        • Big Dog buzzing
        • Robot crashing
      • Probably others when we dig in, but for now, this should cover most of it!