Suddenly, the King of France!

We once again took part in the Wizard Jam game jam and the results are satisfyingly wacky! The episode title selected as our game prompt this time around was "Suddenly the King of France," which sent our brains down a strange path during a traffic-snarled lengthy commute one afternoon. The results of this brainstorming session was a puzzle-shooter hybrid, where you blast oncoming revolutionaries with king regalia to send them to the guillotine in your place.

Suddenly the King of France Gameplay.gif

Download the game and give it a try! Since it's a jam game, there are likely a few bugs, but hopefully you will still have fun playing this unusual title. 


Cool Blob Future

The Idle Thumbs Community hosts the Wizard Jam game jam twice a year. So far, the overriding prompt is to use one of the podcast episode titles as the jumping off point of a game. We chose "Cool Blob Future" as inspiration to create a little arcade game with mechanics reminiscent of Tapper and Lode Runner.  The aesthetic is a 1990s vision of "cool" combined with frequent Idle Thumbs paranoia about the robot uprising! Help the little cool blob get the humans over to the enormous Boss Blob to score lots of points and earn mad props!


Adding additional level variety was dropped to ensure that some large-scale gags could be included since the jam is pretty lighthearted. The base game is still a lot of fun, and there is one big special surprise if you try to find it!

Download the game here!


Moby was created as part of the GBJAM in 2016. A jam version is currently available, but we didn't quite get it where we wanted it to be by the end of the jam. We've been making time when we can to flesh out the concept of the game and add a lot of interesting new content. We'll post an update when it is in its "final" form. For now, you can play the jam version here!




After months of increasing, bubbling, foaming, and frothing demand, Frothy Bird the game jam game was converted to a full-fledged release for the mobile and PC platforms. The original Frothy Bird gameplay concept holds true, where a single button press or tap switches Frothy Bird's color between black and white to allow him (or her, we don't know) to eat an onslaught of pellets. Gone are the completely randomized speed and ordering of the pellets into a series of carefully designed levels, each with its own challenge. You'll have to master the timing, movement, and downright unexpected events that get thrown your way as you navigate 50 challenging levels. 

Frothy Bird is a classic arcade-style game, but one with an epic single-button endgame battle you will brag about conquering. You'll want to challenge yourself to make it through to the end, but no matter how far you get, expect to be challenged and completely hooked on this retro-styled game of skill!

Frothy Bird is available for free on the Windows Store and Windows Phone, and on iOS!

Devil's Snuff Box

Our submission in the Idle Thumbs community’s Winter Wizard Jam 2015, Devil’s Snuff Box, has you controlling Jon and Mary as they try to destroy the Devil’s mushroom tower to let the Christmas Star shine through. As a combination of Breakout and Pong, the general concept of the game is somewhat tried and true, but everything is flipped sideways which adds a unique challenge.

You’ll have to keep Mary’s rocket ship poised and ready, lest you burn through your bonus multiplier too quickly. Keeping Jon’s paddle angled correctly to keep pecking away at the tower is a definite mind bender compared to block-breaking games of the past.


Each level gets progressively more difficult, requiring larger gaps to be removed, a wider tower, and more devilish contours. Each level is randomly generated within its difficulty range, so you’ll never be destroying the same tower twice.

Since this is a game jam game, there are many things that didn’t quite get up to the level we wanted. The physics need some tweaking, the scoring needs to be balanced, and the title screen is… unappealing. Given more time, or if this should become a full release, those aspects will be improved as well as some additional graphical improvements, adding a high score table, and more. You can still enjoy Devil’s Snuff Box and let us know what you think.

Devil’s Snuff Box is available for free on, as are all of the other Winter Wizard Jam games! You can also see Jupiter Hadley play through several of the jam games, including ours in one of her game jam videos.


Frothy Bird (Classic)

Try the Flappy Jam game that inspired the full game! Yeah, it sometimes says "Development Build" in the corner, and yeah it can get impossible at times, but you still might like it. The point of the Flappy Jam was to make a nearly impossible game, and this one gets there at some points, but starts off a lot gentler than other games in the Jam. This version will give you a taste of what to expect in the new full featured (yet still low-fi) Frothy Bird.