Moby Nearing Completion!

It has been too many months since we first posted about giving more attention and love to Moby, a 2016 GBJAM entry. Due to significant factors outside of our control (as well as deciding to participate in two other game jams -- a decision well within our control), we have finally sent out some test copies. People who seemed to "get" what Moby was about and expressed interest in helping out were sent codes and have been giving us some great feedback so far!

While we wait to hear back from all of our testers, and then to make a final round of improvements, we wanted to give you a few screenshots to get you ready for Moby's release!

moby palettes.gif

We implemented a palette swapping shader so that you can pick from several 4-color variations we dreamed up if you don't like our original GameBoy-based palette

River Skipping Sparkles 00.gif

While out exploring, Moby sometimes needs to stop and take a break. Keep an eye out for great skipping rocks!

night time.gif

Since Moby is still a kid after all, he has to go home to sleep sometime. Each day is another chance to explore!


We have plenty more to show, but also want to leave lots for you to find on your own adventures with Moby. We can't wait for you to explore!