Big Carl Animation Demo

We decided it would be a good idea to animate a cartoon character jumping around and trying to decide if he was ready for an adventure, so we called upon Big Carl. All animation is done using the Unity 2D animation system. Big Carl has no real plans to appear in an actual game at the moment, but maybe someday? 


Magnate Prototype

The fascinating card set, the Decktet, can be used to play a host of wonderful games, but our favorite is by far Magnate. In order to try out a certain set of Unity features and to spend more time with a game we love, we decided to create a video game version of Magnate. There is still a lot to be done, and at this point, we need to retool some of the game's fundamental code, but we thought it would be fun to post this video featuring "programmer art" and wonderful music by Matthew Snee. The Decktet and Magnate are covered by a Creative Commons license, so completing this version will continue to be a passion project in our spare time.